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Angular JS Development

AngularJS is a JavaScript extension which can be added to an HTML page using script tag.Maintained by Google, it is a toolset used for building the framework required to develop applications consisting model-view-controller (MVC) potentiality.

About Us

We're specialised in creating Angular JS Development.

  • Minimizes development time due to its model view controller (MVC) pattern.
  • Having 2-way data binding, it becomes easy to develop real-time applications.
  • Consisting of directives which can build custom widgets. Localization and Internationalization possible. Ease of testing as it Includes built-in unit testing and end-to-end testing environment.
  • Allows to develop Rich Internet Application (RIA) with minimum coding.
  • HTML vocabulary supported.
  • Provides HTML components which can be reused.
  • Enables easy and speedy development.
  • Flexible enough to filter data.
  • Create/Read/Update/Delete (CRUD) for the client side application has made it a favorable technology for front-end development.

Some of the Angular JS developed by us.