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Efficiently Manage and Schedule the meetings and Video conference meetings.

About MyMeet

Introducing the "MyMeet" web app – your all-in-one solution for seamless connectivity, collaboration, and meeting organisation. With MyMeet, you can effortlessly schedule, manage, and participate in meetings, ensuring that communication remains fluid and productive. Whether you're coordinating business discussions, virtual gatherings, or educational sessions, MyMeet offers an intuitive platform to bring participants together. Experience the convenience of scheduling appointments, coordinating attendees, and optimising your time with ease.


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Design, Development, and Deployment

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Our Project Challenges

Competition from Established Players

Challenge: Competing with well-known and established meeting and video conferencing platforms.

Strategy: Differentiate your app by focusing on niche features, better user experience, personalized customer support, and tailor-made solutions for specific industries.

Technical Support and User Assistance

Challenge: Users may encounter technical issues or have questions about using the app, requiring effective customer support.

Strategy: Provide clear user guides, tutorials, and FAQs within the app. Offer responsive customer support channels, such as email, chat, or a dedicated support portal, to address user inquiries and issues promptly.


Challenge: Ensuring the app's infrastructure can handle an increasing number of users and content..

Strategy: Work with scalable cloud infrastructure providers to accommodate user growth. Regularly monitor and optimise performance as the user base expands.

Adoption of New Features

Challenge: Encouraging users to embrace new updates and features.

Strategy: Gradually introduce new features with clear explanations of their benefits and how to use them. Listen to user feedback and make improvements based on their needs.

Platform Compatibility

Challenge: Ensuring the app runs smoothly on various mobile devices.

Strategy: Conduct thorough testing on different devices and screen sizes, and optimise the app's performance for a range of platforms.

Our Process


Customer data analysis Competitor analysis Market Analysis


Play store publishing App store publishing Post Launch Maintenance

Product Design

User flow Wireframing


Architecture Development Android app iOS app User Testing

Our Development Process:Developing a meeting app involves a systematic approach. Begin by conceptualising the app's purpose and core features, followed by comprehensive market research to identify user needs and competition. Design an intuitive user interface for scheduling, video conferencing, user profiles, and notifications. Develop both frontend and backend functionalities, rigorously test the app across various devices, and integrate user feedback for refinements. Prioritise security and privacy by implementing encryption and compliance measures. Upon deployment, engage in a strategic marketing campaign for launch, offering user support and regular updates post-launch. Continuous optimization, scalability planning, and adherence to legal regulations ensure a successful meeting app that streamlines communication and collaboration.